Update on Virgin Media ultrafast optical fibre broadband in Lightwater

At Lightwater’s recent Fayre in the Square I stopped by the Virgin Media tent. Staffed by their local Community Liaison Officer – daniel.ward@virginmedia.co.uk – and Regional Manager. They answered my questions.

I learned that they fired their initial installation contractor for poor performance. It was the residents of Ullswater Close who suffered shoddy trench digging.

Their regional manager said available broadband speeds from Virgin Media will be up to 300mbps. That’s some improvement on our tardy BT service. Also, they’re planning to complete the fibre installation by October and begin supplying the service to homes in January 2018.

Can’t wait – though expect I’ll end up paying more.

3 thoughts on “Update on Virgin Media ultrafast optical fibre broadband in Lightwater

  1. If Which? is anything to go by then I suspect you will end up paying for it…

    Which? verdict; The superfast speeds are appealing – as is the ability to combine your broadband deal with a TV package – but Virgin’s service is pricey.

    Pros Very fast, offers a broadband-only option, can bundle with TV, few Ofcom complaints

    Cons Limited availability, can be expensive and prices regularly increase


  2. I see they’ve installed 3-way lights again on the Red Rd at the Folly today …. last time it was for over a week for about 150m of pavement trench – thought the kit they used could do 100m per day ?

    I do hope they wont trench thru our Brick Paviors on Moorlands ….. had some feedback that they did – and tarmaced level – for Goodness sake !


  3. I think you’ll be very satisfied with Virgin Media’s 200 Mbs (or greater) broadband service Tim. I live just up the road in Wellington Park, and we’ve had Virgin Media since moving here from Lightwater some 15 years ago. I currently have their fastest device and I can confirm it’s very reliable both in terms of access speed and sustainability of service. In the past 15 years we’ve only had hardware issues with the modems twice, and Virgin Media’s customer service has alway been fast and reliable sorting it out for us. Streaming 4K content from Netflix is smooth and reliable, with no buffering artefacts. You’ll wonder how you ever managed without it. Of course, it won’t solve issues with some slow sites on the web, but I suspect this is due to the download bandwidth on the site server side rather than the download speed from Virgin.


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