Our New Zealand Flax flowers for just the second time in over 15 years

Our New Zealand Flax – Phormium ‘Maori Sunrise’  has flowered for the only the second time. I reckon it’s around 17 years old, and to my recollection has only once thrown up a flower spike.

This summer it’s finally rewarded us with many flower spikes. I reckon it’s down to the hot weather we had recently. The Crocus.co.uk description of the plant says,

In hot summers, a spike of tubular, yellow-green flowers will shoot up from the centre, followed by sturdy seed-heads.

The flowering is quite a surprise I can tell you, and to think we were considering of getting rid of it. Over the years it has changed colour, originally being similar to the photo in the Crocus website; now it’s shades of green and yellow, only the barest hints of red. Here are a couple of photos of the flower spikes and flowers. I had to stand on the top step of our step ladders to photograph the flower heads.

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