Fewer, though happy, visitors to Royal Military Academy Heritage Day this year

I’ve fallen well behind in reporting on events we’ve attended. Last weekend there was Camberley’s Carnival Parade, Bagshot’s Village Day, and the Royal Military Academy Sandurst’s Heritage Day. I attended all three, but have only reported on the Carnival Parade.

One thing I did note was the number of visitors to all three events were fewer than I’d have expected. None were, what you might call, busy. Though that didn’t detract from the enjoyment of those who attended each event.

So catching up, here’s my report on the  RMAS Heritage Day. We enjoyed the day, which is always splendidly organised – it’s the military of course. With fewer visitors than in the previous year’s Heritage Days’ we’ve attended, meant for a less crowded visit to Old College, the Library, and the Chapel. The cream tea was as good as previous years, though the heat meant the Cornish clotted cream quickly melted.

I missed the Heritage Day putting on a Pace Sticking demonstration by the Sergeants Major. I’m assured it’ll be on next year. I hope so. Prompted by my wife to try my test on some Academy Cadets – I restricted it to just three of them standing at ease by the Library. My test is the question, is the Kuirnool Mortar a mortar or a howitzer? One of the three knew. Technically, it’s a Howitzer, since it pivots in the middle rather than the base. The fun in asking is because the subject is fully explained in the Heritage Day programme. Enough, I said to my wife – “it’s too jolly hot to tease cadets”. Here’s my brief photo montage of our visit.

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