Visiting the National Trust’s Hughenden Manor near High Wycombe

We visited Hughenden Manor, the home of Benjamin Disraeli the influential prime minister during Queen Victoria’s reign.

We thought we’d visited all of the major National Trust houses in the South East of England. It appears not, as we’d not visited Hughenden Manor. It’s less than a couple of miles north of High Wycombe – so not that far away from us in Surrey Heath.

The day of our visit, this week, had us enveloped with hot weather, which saw us chasing the shade in the delightful gardens. It’s a most interesting house, with many of the rooms much as they’d have been in Disraeli’s time. Apart from the fascinating story of Disraeli, and his love of his country home at Hughenden, wonderfully told by the guides, the house was home during WW2 to the highly secret map making operations. This piece of the Manor’s history was uncovered by accident in 2004, again this story is wonderfully told by guides. Here’s my brief video montage of our visit.

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