Giant redwood tree avenue in Heatherside spruced up

I visited a friend in Heatherside yesterday. He was delighted to tell me about how the Borough Council had cleared vegetation between the Giant Redwood trees, and improved the path between the avenue of trees. They can be seen after a little way into Cumberland Avenue from the Maultway, and by looking right, there is a magnificent avenue of Giant Redwood trees. Once called Wellingtonia’s and now properly known as Sequoiadendron giganteum.

Redwood World has the details of the avenue of over 200 Giant Redwood trees, beginning in Yockley Close, through Heatherside Recreation Ground, almost reaching Upper Chobham Road. There’s a lovely comment in the Redwood World article, which says

“Thanks to Duncan who sent us some very interesting information about this avenue: I can tell you this avenue was planted in 1865 by my great great grandfather, Frederick Street (1835-1906). He did this on behalf of Augustus Mongredien – the then owner of Heatherside House (a pretty house which still stands beside the B311, at the northern end of the avenue), with its associated tree and shrub nursery which extended over some 30 acres nearby of what was then the Bagshot Heath.”

There’s nothing left of the nursery, but the avenue of trees.

From their introduction to the UK from California in the 1850’s the tree was called a Wellingtonia. A successful marketing ploy to associate the new tree species with a famous general. However, the rest of the world didn’t much like our cultural imperialism and by 1962 the name Wellingtonia was changed to Sequoiadendron giganteum.

Here are my photos, and a short video on recognising a Giant redwood with it’s familiar soft bark. Click on photos to enlarge.

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