Surrey Heath’s Fly the Flag ceremony honours Armed Forces Day

When the military attend a ceremony in formal dress, the least I can do, when in their company, is to wear a suit and tie, no matter how hot the weather. [PS, now returned home, wearing T shirt and shorts, drinking tea in the shade. Even so, it’s always worth showing respect to our armed forces personnel and veterans, to whom I enjoy a chat].

The Fly the Flag for Armed Forces Day is a ceremony carried out at simultaneously with local authorities across the country. Armed Service personnel and veterans joined the Mayor of Surrey Heath, Councillor Valerie White, at the raising of the flag to honour Armed Forces Day on Saturday 24th June 2017.

At 10.30 am this morning on the lawn in front of Surrey Heath Borough Council offices I joined the the guests at the ceremony. The flag party consisted of – from left to right: WO1 David Lightfoot, Mayor of Surrey Heath – Cllr Valerie White, WO1 Mark Eastley, Lt Col Jonathan Scott MBE, Lt Col Tim Cave-Gibbs, Karen Whelan – Chief Executive of Surrey Heath Borough Council, Cllr Colin Dougan, Rev Andreas Sistig – Mayor’s Chaplain. When I say I joined the party, really I took photos, and this video.

NOTE: Apologies, have transposed the names WO1’s David Lightfoot and Mark Eastley in the video. It’s correct above. Will edit asap.

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