My equanimity returns via fascinations at the Windlesham Fête

Visitors are happy when the sun shines on a fête, and this was definitely true at the Windlesham Fête on the Field of Remembrance yesterday. This years fête was a success – with an improved layout, new attractions, and of course the lovely weather.

Here’s my quick take on the fête.

  • Maybe I’m wrong – often am – I think the Camberley Youth Wind Orchestra seems to get bigger each time I see them, which is pleasing. During their performance the audience were sat, stood, and lolling on the ground. I guess people just love being entertained.
  • Chameleons and reptiles on the Surrey Reptile and Amphibian Society stand drew an admiring and fascinated crowd, including me too.
  • George Formby’s style of music lives on, as didn’t know the ukulele had become so popular. The ‘Get Plucky’ Ukulele Band performed – or murdered as their leader opined – Beatles classics. A pleasing diversion.
  • Kids love running. Well, young children do.

Here’s my brief photo montage from the fête,


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