Having fun re-potting part of our cacti collection

This afternoon I re-potted a goodly number of our cacti collection. I should state, using the word collection is a bit presumptuous, as they only fill our window sills in our conservatory. No room for any more, well, that’s until I see one I’d like at a stand at one of the local fêtes.

Even though I wore rubber gloves they were only partial protection from the sharp cacti spines. I hope that I’ll not lose any in the re-potting process, as I unintentionally damaged the roots of some of them. Ah, well, can’t make omelettes without breaking eggs, and it was fun to do. 

3 thoughts on “Having fun re-potting part of our cacti collection

  1. Like the pot collection for the cacti. Next thing to do will be a spreadsheet of what you have & where bought, as with all the fetes you are bound to do more buying.


  2. Colin, have had that conversation with my wife. Me – there’s always room for one more. Wife – you’ll not be able to pass a stand of cacti at a fete without buying some.


  3. It does get addictive this plant collecting.
    If you go to RHS Wisley on 17-18 June, 20 plant societies are having a show with plants for sale. One is cacti !!
    If you can’t make it, I am sure there will be more opportunities at the Hampton Court Flower Show 4-9 July.


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