Two, or should it be three, pleasurable experiences

We all try and get a degree of balance in our lives – sometimes we achieve it, others times not.

Here’s an occasion with two pleasurable experiences on the same day. We visited my brother on Sunday last. He lives in Bridport, Dorset – I suppose it should be three pleasurable experiences really, with our meeting my brother for the first time this year.

The first [or should it be the second] pleasurable experience was Sunday lunch at the Olive Tree Restaurant [click on image to expand and link to] in the centre of Bridport. We all had an absolutely brilliant plaice on the bone, such a change to have a generous sized plaice, accompanied with a lovely sauce and potatoes. Oh, and the wine was good too. Sadly, as was driving on from Bridport to Totnes, could only have one glass of wine.

The second pleasurable experience, should be third I guess, was getting to bed early enough to complete reading of Tony Hawks book – Round Ireland with a Fridge.

I’ve been reading crime and thriller fiction for a while – currently into Ruth Rendell’s Inspector Wexford psychological whodunit’s, which are of the highest order in their genre. As light relief, I picked up Tony Hawks book from Surrey Heath library, and what a joy. Warm, funny, whimsical, and a travelogue of Ireland too.

The last few chapters of the book led to a pleasurable conclusion – and then to sleep. A day of two, nay three, pleasures.

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