Cycling in a pain cave

Confused by the title, so was I when first heard the phrase at a recent visit to friends in Herefordshire, where we were shown their latest proud technology purchase. Having become crazy on cycling as their hobby, they’ve made their garden house into a cycling pain cave. Type the words pain cave into Google and you’ll be amazed at the extent of websites on the topic.

Pain cave is the name of a room in your house or garden room which is allocated to intense physical training activity, such as indoor cycling.

The latest in indoor cycling is much more fun than in the past. The bike is fixed into a position, mostly through the rear wheel axle, with the rear wheel running against rollers, which have adjustable resistance. That’s only part of the technology. While cycling you can join a ride in a training video displayed in front of the rider. Now, my super-technology addicts have connected their indoor cycle to a Zwift. The Daily Telegraph has a review of it HERE, where the creator says about it,

With an iPad in front of my handlebars to show my progress, it takes only a few pedal strokes for me to “become” my avatar and learn that if I work harder, my on-screen self will go faster. And the app soon starts to push my buttons: I find myself overexerting to pass other avatars – online users who I don’t know and never will, but ardently want to beat nonetheless.

I had a go on their Zwift. It’s amazingly realistic, convincing you you’re in a race or team cycle run. I can see why they call it their pain cave, it’s addictive. Technology – you got to love it.

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