Wonderful – local hearing aid drop-in clinics

This bit of info only applies to you if you or one of your family has an NHS hearing aid.

It might not seem much, but not having to go to Frimley Park Hospital [FPH] for replacement parts and/or batteries has got to be good. It’s not the service the hospital offer, which is unquestionably good, but the queues to get into the car park, and then the parking fee.

The Guildford Diocese has organised drop-in clinics in the Diocese, staffed by trained volunteers. We’ve even one in Lightwater, staffed the incomparable Derek Browning, who’ll is on duty on most Saturday’s from 10.0 am to 12 noon at Lightwater Library.



2 thoughts on “Wonderful – local hearing aid drop-in clinics

  1. Much appreciate this post. We have been going to Guildford because they told us it was not available at FPH. That journey , finding a car parking space and the fee is far worse than going to FPH. However great to hear that it is available in Lightwater. Thanks.


  2. If you mean the Royal Surrey Hospital, you can park in TESCO (just 5 mins walk down the hill) for at least 3 hours with no issues ….


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