Election for councillors in Surrey Heath to Surrey County Council

There are local government elections on 4th May for councillors to Surrey County Council. There are six county council wards in Surrey Heath, each electing one councillor,

  1. Bagshot, Windlesham and Chobham 
  2. Camberley East
  3. Camberley West
  4. Frimley Green and Mytchett
  5. Heatherside and Parkside
  6. Lightwater, West End and Bisley

My observations are that some wards are have more candidates than others – Heatherside and Parkside ward has 7 candidates while Camberley East ward has just 3, the other wards have variously 4, 5 or 6 candidates.

The three major political party’s are represented in each ward, while UKIP and the Green Party are standing in just 4 of the 6 wards. Unusually, there are also a few candidates standing as independents, not a popular thing for Surrey Heath, although elsewhere in Surrey non-politically aligned candidates are more common.

I also note that there are many new candidates at this election, which is always good to see, as new people bring fresh enthusiasm and energy to their wards and to the county council.

I’ll post the statement of persons nominated for each over the next week – one a day.

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