A narrow gauge railway with ambitious plans

Gosh, wasn’t it a lovely sunny weekend. So, so lucky, considering yesterday’s temperature was a good 12 degrees lower. A reminder, if ever one was needed, that while most of the rest of the world has a climate, we have weather.

Enough about the weather. During our Sunday visit to the Kempton Engine House, we noticed families visiting the close-by Hampton and Kempton Waterworks Railway. The sound of a steam engine, and it’s whistle drew us towards the entrance, and to the railway ticket office to find out more about it.

We’d seen the beginnings of the little narrow-gauge railway on our first visit to the Kempton Engine House a few years ago. The enthusiasm and commitment of the railway’s volunteers is to be much admired, for there’s been considerable progress in developing the railway. The Railway is open from 10.30 am to 4.00 pm every Sunday in 2017,  from March 18th to November 20th and some Saturdays. Click on the map to expand. In their brochure they describe their future plans as,

We will start the second phase of the railway where we finished the first, and work towards Upper Sunbury Road, about three miles away.

Thought you might like to see the short video I took of our visit.

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