My embarrassing story, with plenty of witnesses

Recently I filmed and recorded a local event. I’ve not so far put the results on this blog. Why, the unqualified embarrassment at my inability to perform a simple task, and doing it so publicly.

Here’s the story. Last week the replica milestone on the A30 was installed and unveiled at a special ceremony. The event was organised by Gillian Barnes-Riding of Surrey Heath Museum. The Mayor of Surrey Heath was in attendance, in his chain and robes to unveil the replica milestone and information plaque, as was the Rev Bruce Nicole to offer a blessing. A crowd of some 30 or so people gathered to listen to the speeches, and watch the unveiling, and afterwards to enjoy refreshments at Camberley Glass.

Yours truly, thinking the event worthy of recording and videoing, took all his cameras and audio recording equipment. Recording the words of the speeches near the busy A30 meant putting my microphone close the the speaker. Switching on my voice recorder and continually checking the audio level, I failed to notice that I’d pressed the pause button – so no audio record of the speeches.

Disaster – embarrassment – incompetence. I’m still feeling sheepish some 5 days later. Yet again, I must remember, failing to prepare is preparing to fail. Will post my video later today.

So, apologies to all who’d expected a recording of the speeches. Of course, skilled photographers of the local Camera Club, Mike Hillman and Alan Meeks, who were also in attendance will not have made my mistakes.

2 thoughts on “My embarrassing story, with plenty of witnesses

  1. tsk tsk. These things happen…I was ( in the analog camera days) the only one that had brought my fancy Pentax to document my grandmother’s 70 years birthday…. I shot heaps of pictures….Coming home to develop the film, I noticed that there was no film to develop…..I had forgotten to load the camera


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