Annual road maintenance survey for 2017 finds further decline in local road network

The 22nd Annual Local Authority Road Maintenance (ALARM) survey is published on 28th March 2017. I’ve followed this annual survey on the state of our roads for many years. We don’t seem to be making much of an impression on the road repair backlog.

Alan Mackenzie, Chairman of the Asphalt Industry Alliance (AIA), comments on the Local Government Association’s statement on 2017 potentially becoming a tipping point for local roads:

“Prolonged under investment, coupled with wetter winters, increased traffic and an ageing network, means that the resilience of our local roads is at a low point. Clearing the maintenance backlog is impossible without a significant increase in funding.”

“The fact remains that our local road network receives only a fraction of the funding allocated to the Strategic Road Network (SRN) and this disparity needs to be tackled proactively if further decline is to be prevented.”

The 2017 survey report contains plenty of data to digest. Here’s the table of the key findings from the report, click on image to expand.

3 thoughts on “Annual road maintenance survey for 2017 finds further decline in local road network

  1. Could we go back to calling the car tax a road fund licence and actually use it for that. Silly suggestion I know, it all gets swallowed up in other government wastage.


  2. Returning from a short break, I find that the Guildford Road end of Macdonald Road has been resurfaced (again) although the middle section with the worst breakup & badly patched repairs wasn’t done. I then opened correspondence that says National Grid will be digging it up to replace the gas mains pipe. The usual lack of planning (known as a balls-up) that we pay good money for.


  3. I was wrong, the National Grid have been digging holes mainly in the pavement, and not it the section of road that had the tar & chippings done. The letter said they would be working 8am to 8pm, in reality nearer 9am to lunchtime, so it is taking ages.


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