All this Virgin Media works is awfully slow

Why am I apparently complaining about something I’ve said I want – faster broadband. Well, it’s taking a jolly long time to get to our part of Lightwater. As a nation, I believe, we never throw enough assets at an infrastructure issue. I’m sure you can think of examples, without me needing to list them here.

Anyway, some parts of Lightwater have had the fibre optic cable laid to the perimeter of their properties. Me, envious, goodness me no. I will definitely be when they get their connection and we’re still waiting. Meanwhile, here are a couple of photos of the work and the mess by Virgin Media on Lightwater Road. Although I think their work has advanced beyond that of my photos.

2 thoughts on “All this Virgin Media works is awfully slow

  1. …. still tarting around in Ambleside Rd … yesterday I watched some classic ‘1950s British Workman’ nonsense wielding a broom and straightening barriers … multiple rolls of cable are stacked, presumably ready for wiring into a control box – but very exposed to theft & or vandalism …

    Seem to be in no rush and couldnt answer Q’s about when the outlying parts of Lightwater would enjoy the installation …. incidentally what responsibility do Virgin have for faithfully reinstating surfaces involved ? Anybody know ?- they dont !


  2. Very little value in fibre optic cables unless you are planning to install a huge network, no scrap value. But horrified by the roughly spread soil & grass seeds along the ruined grass verges.


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