Talk on IT security reminds us to stay safe online

Yesterday evening we attended a networking evening of the Lightwater Business Association at Randalls Coffee Bar in the village square. Me to listen to Terry Galvin of Indigo IT, and my wife to promote the Windlesham Country Market, of which she’s a member.

While Terry mentioned some horrors, such as ransomware, it was the basics of IT/phone security that he implored the audience to be rigourous on –

  • backing up data
  • installing anti-virus software and being vigilant in downloading the latest security updates
  • using malware and adware detectors
  • and finally having a strong password

I’ll focus here on password advice, and how you can keep your passwords strong and secure. Below are recommendations from Big Brother Watch, and a more technical discussion by Microsoft. It’s worth checking the strength of your passwords. Something like London%53%Bridge? is a strong password. Check it’s strength with the Kaspersky password checker, which is bit of fun.

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