Painting of the week No.17: The Rye Marshes by Paul Nash

Here’s another painting by Paul Nash for Painting of the Week. I surprise myself finding that my first painting of the week was in September 2009. Must resolve to make such posts properly weekly.

The Rye Marshes by Paul Nash, 1932 could have be seen at the Paul Nash exhibition at Tate Britain, which ended on 5th March. In Painting of the Week No.16 I selected a work from Nash’s time as as war artist, and described my regard oh his work. [Click on image, below, to expand]

Recovering from the effects of WW1 on his health, Nash lived in Dymchurch on the Romney Marshes, and then moved to live near Rye. This was during his Surrealist period, where the quiet of the countryside helped banish memories of the war. The Rye Marshes painting was commissioned by the publicity director for Shell, and was subsequently used by Shell in their advertising, part of the ‘Everywhere You Go You Can Be Sure of Shell’ series advertising Shell Motor Spirit. This was the time when Shell Guides were produced to promote tourism in the UK.

Here are a few links where you can learn more about Paul Nash and his work.

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