Seeing so much sky is a pleasure

Surrey, don’t you know, has more trees than any other county in England – the Daily Mail says so. We had a recent appointment in the Romney Marsh area, and to see so much sky was a pleasure.

Following our appointment, for lunch we travelled not too far to the Pilot Inn on the Dungeness spit. It’s a hugely popular Inn, serving good food, with, I’m sure you guessed, plentiful choice of fish dishes.

Dungeness is a low lying shingle headland. The sea and tides continually move the shingle from one side of the headland to to other. While we walked along the shingle bank near the power station, we saw a truck carrying the shingle, and having enquired, were told that four times a year the shingle is moved back to where the sea had taken it from.

Dungeness is a curious place. It’s a national Nature Reserve, has numerous lighthouses or remnants of them, a lifeboat station, the unusual acoustic mirrors – which we’ve yet to visit, a narrow gauge railway, interesting inns, and plenty more. Here’s a photo montage of our brief visit.

3 thoughts on “Seeing so much sky is a pleasure

  1. Surrey = Lots of Trees, less sky on display.

    Dungeness = Wilderness, few Trees – more sky !


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