See train movements in real time

Must thank City Metric for alerting me to this – “a map showing the location of almost every train on Britain’s National Rail network”.

Raildar tracks all the passenger trains within the UK in real-time and presents the data overlaid on a Google map. They say about their service, on their Facebook page,

By using data provided by Network Rail, Raildar plots the position of all the trains on the UK rail network. You can see, exactly where your train is, and you can estimate yourself how long it is going to take to get to you.

I’ve said here before of my love of anything train related. This website is almost the next best thing to sitting in a signal box or control centre monitoring train movements. I’ll let you have a wander through the website. What I found particularly appealing was looking at the Junction Maps, where you can see, for a junction/railway station, the signal settings, and see the train in real time. See my screen capture below of the Milton Keynes Central junction map. [Click on images to expand]

I feel sure you’ll enjoy the diversion from whatever else you’re doing.

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