Apple Pay and Contactless payment accepted in Surrey Heath car parks

On 3rd March Surrey Heath Borough Council announced additional payment methods in their main car parks,

contactless-car-parking-paymentSurrey Heath Borough Council has added Contactless card payments and Apple Pay to their multi-storey car parks. This should speed up the process of leaving the car parks and improve the parking experience for members of the public.

The introduction of these new payment methods is as a direct response to customer feedback following an online survey in July 2016, where almost 60% of respondents said they would like to see Contactless/Apple Pay introduced. Parking Services have since been working with pay station supplier, Newpark Solutions, to upgrade the Fusion car park control system in Main Square and Knoll Road Car parks in Camberley.

With that work now complete, car park users will now be able to pay for their parking quickly and easily using the latest ‘wave and pay’ technology. This should reduce queueing times, especially during busy periods. Traditional card and cash payment options will still be available.

Surrey Heath Corporate Portfolio Holder for Business Cllr Craig Fennell said: “The introduction of contactless and Apple Pay in our multi-storey car parks is in direct response to customer feedback, and a further step in improving the parking experience for residents, businesses and visitors to Surrey Heath.” Surrey Heath Parking Services Manager Eugene Leal said: “Since the upgrade to Contactless payment started on 23 February, our car park officers received positive feedback almost immediately.”

This is the latest in a series of improvements to car parking services offered since the Newpark Fusion ANPR ticketless system was introduced in June 2014, which involves number plate recognition to calculate car park charges. Users can also prePAY for their car parking online – the scheme, which was introduced in August 2015, now has over 400 customers. Visitors to Camberley Theatre who park in Knoll Road car park can also pay for their parking inside the theatre and avoid the rush for the pay stations after each performance.

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