Bombshell question, is Surrey Heath Museum converting to be a virtual museum?

surrey-heath-museumYes, you read that right. Local military historian and author, Murray Rowlands, asked at the meeting of Surrey Heath Local Committee yesterday evening about what the members of the committee knew of the suggested change to Surrey Heath Museum becoming a virtual museum.

Being a historian, Murray is more finely attuned to these things than I am. So, I spoke with Murray at the meeting and he said he heard suggestions of the change to Surrey Heath Museum’s status.

This is appalling news. When, as a borough councillor in the past, the subject of Museum closure came up, I was part of those who fought to save it. Looks like that battle hasn’t been won.

Without respect for the heritage, history, or the remembrance of those who’ve left their mark, on our communities then we are all poorer, and diminished as a result.

2 thoughts on “Bombshell question, is Surrey Heath Museum converting to be a virtual museum?

  1. Totally agree with your sentiments Tim.

    If one was to conjecture – given the number of organisations now in the SHBC Building (Police, Dole, et al) … they are probably looking for space to house the next wave ….


  2. On the other hand: (qv). Museums have to be relevant to younger generations rather than to us old fogies. A quote that I found in Retail Week a while ago – talking about how to attract shoppers – was “Generation Z senses the world through its smart phone”. If there was a stream of young people queuing to get in the doors of the museum, I’d defend it; but there isn’t, so let’s look at alternatives.


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