Surrey Police crime bulletin and ‘Nottingham Knockers’ about

Surrey Police Community Volunteer, Steph Edwards, reports on recent thefts, burglaries, and criminal damage in Surrey Heath in the latest InTheKnow Bulletin for Surrey Heath,

  • Surrey PoliceCrime No.45170020080 – Between 23/02/2017 from 08:45 to 26/02/2017 to 12:52, burglary at Lime Avenue, Camberley. Victim has encountered aggressive ‘Nottingham knocker’ at her door trying to sell her items on 21/02/17 but who left when victim threatened to call police. On 23/02/2017 has returned from work to find window open. On 26/02/2017 has noticed necklace missing. (Under investigation)

You might wonder about the term Nottingham Knocker. I must’ve led a sheltered life, because it’s a new term to me. Here’s a complete description of the term from the Operation Repeat website.

You may know this group as ‘the duster sellers’. They are normally young lads that turn up on your doorstep with a huge black holdall full of cleaning products ranging from tea towels, dishcloths and dusters to sprays, polishes and even small clothing items. Initially they all came from the Nottingham area, obtaining their goods from a warehouse at Clifton just outside of Nottingham and they then come ‘knocking’ on your door to trade, hence the term ‘Nottingham Knockers’. Unfortunately not only are they after selling you poor quality items at highly inflated prices they are also checking out suitable targets for details to be sold onwards to professional burglars.

Once they have their holdall of products, the teams, normally six in number, are shipped out in vans and mini buses to work an area. They will readily admit to being ex-convicts trying to make a new start in life by working for a living and may show a card purporting to be part of a probation scheme or claim to be deaf or dumb, again showing an appropriate card. These ID cards are all mocked up and have no legal bearing. The probation service does not and would not be involved in any such working methods. Again, these young men deal in cash on the doorstep, trying to work sales into £ notes by using the ‘I’ve got no change’ routine.

5 thoughts on “Surrey Police crime bulletin and ‘Nottingham Knockers’ about

  1. I had one of these knockers very recently, however after giving his speil (ex-con trying to go straight etc) he left without aggression, or opening his large holdall.


  2. Especially watch out for the imminent arrival of the Virgin Media brigade, hot on the heels of their current cabling up of Lightwater for their BroadBand service……


  3. Using the term ‘deaf and dumb’ is very offensive, and has been considered so since the 1980s! The term is ‘deaf without speech’. Think how you would feel being called dumb when there was nothing wrong with your intelligence.


  4. I have a sticker on my door, you can dowload a ‘no cold calling’ notice free from


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