Parking in Lightwater on agenda of Surrey Heath Local Committee

On Thursday, 2nd March this week is a meeting of Surrey Heath Local Committee. It’s being held at St Lawrence School in Chobham. The meeting begins at 6.0 pm with 30 minutes of public questions. View the meeting AGENDA, in which you will see that car parking provision in Lightwater is in the agenda.


14 thoughts on “Parking in Lightwater on agenda of Surrey Heath Local Committee

  1. If Lightwater is to be discussed why is the meeting being held in Chobham? Is it because of the lack of parking in Lightwater?
    Why just parking in Lightwater? What about the problem of speeding along the Guildford Rd? Why don’t we have the same signage as they do outside the school in Bagshot? When can we expect traffic calming measures along the Guildford Rd and not just in the very centre of Lightwater? I would suggest that highways measure the volume and speed of the traffic at the Bagshot end of Guildford Rd just to see what the residents there have to put up with. Once traffic comes past McDonald Rd the 30mph speed limit doesnt apply!
    And will someone please mention the drain cover at the Bagshot end of the bypass which is still awaiting repair!!!


  2. As Speedicus said “same old” The usual cure will be more double lines, that really achieve nothing.
    I saw that they intend making the Guildford Rd end of Macdonald Rd all double on one side, but with usual lack of planning, there are markings to repaint the existing white lines, which will then have to be burnt off to do the new yellow ones


  3. Did anyone else think that report was almost identical to 3 months ago – apart from a mention of ‘time-limited’ parking on sections of the Guildford Road ?

    ….. and the note that the latter would be considered for the March 2018 meeting ….. sigh

    Meanwhile, SHBC stumps up around £100m for the Shopping Centre Freehold – and can afford to service the mortgage for it and now announces a multi-million facelift ….

    but no money for fundamental issues in Lightwater …

    Notice I didnt mention the Red Road ….


  4. Why the doubles at the Guildford Rd end of McDonald Rd? This will affect Bron’s one of the few local independent shops left in Lightwater. If anything they should put double yellows at the Guildford Rd end of The Avenue since parking there is a hazard for traffic turning into Guildford Rd from The Avenue. I believe that those who make these decisions have no idea what we have to deal with? How many of them actually live in the areas that they are making decisions on?


  5. I think the problem is since they changed the bus route. They can’t stop parking outside all the cottages at the lower end of Macdonald Rd and any cars parked opposite the cottages cause a problem. I had highlighted the problem for Brons previously.


  6. When did they change the bus route? What is it now? I do see buses coming out of both McDonald Rd & The Avenue and this has puzzled me!


  7. Does this include parking in non parking designated areas – namely lightwater road, following the opening of the care home. It presents a significant risk for road users, pedestrians and residents of lightwater road.


  8. Dr Grumpy, it was Aug 2015 when they re-routed the No.35 to use Macdonald Rd & The Avenue, and cut out the Briers estate.


  9. From the village, left into MacDonald Rd then right into Clearsprings & round past Hammond School & into The Avenue & back to Guildford Rd, then to Bagshot & Camberley. Obviously the return trip is the opposite, as the meercat says— simples


  10. Chobham public Car Park (yes, they have one) is happily only a short walk from tonights LC meeting ….. prob why they dont have meetings in Lightwater ……


  11. …………………………………………….and what about the free public car park behind All Saints? Its a bit ironic to be having a meeting about the poor car parking in Lightwater in Chobham because of the poor car parking facilities in LIGHTWATER!!!!
    Carbon footprints and all that!!!


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