“Quilting keeps us sane”, say Camberley’s Heather Quilters

We visited Camberley’s Heather Quilters 25th Anniversary Exhibition in 2012, when we were Mayor and Mayoress. That’s how we know of them. We were immensely impressed by the enthusiasm, creativity, and organisation of their exhibition.

So impressed was I that I acquired a large book of Paisley patters, and one of quilt patterns. Why did I do so. Well, my dear wife is a dab hand at dress making, and I thought the books would make useful presents. Not so, said may wife, a dress maker yes, a quilt maker no.

In thinning our collection of books, these two were put in the pile to go the local church or Scout jumble sale. Stop, I thought. Surely Heather Quilters might like them. Yesterday evening I turned up at their monthly meeting at High Cross Church to make a present of them. Again, was impressed. It’s a thriving group, evidenced by the number in the audience for the evening speaker.

They allowed me to take a few photos. I’ve also included a copy of their flyer for their upcoming 30th anniversary exhibition.


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