Infrastructure Upgrades #1: Replacement of Albrighton Station Footbridge

What’s coming next is a little flurry of blog posts about upgrades to our national and local infrastructure.

Guess it won’t surprise readers that I’m beginning with a slightly offbeat start. In my teens and early twenties I lived in Albrighton in southern Shropshire. My bother and I caught an early train from Albrighton, me to go variously to Birmingham or Wolverhampton, and my brother to Smethwick. We lived 5 minutes or so from the railway station – and yes, we always left it late to catch the train, often having to make a dash over the footbridge.

On the lovely cast iron footbridge it said it was erected in 1883. It’s a pleasure to see that the station is being renovated and getting a new footbridge, courtesy of Network Rail, while retaining some of the original ironwork.

A bit more history before a couple of photos of the work, courtesy of  Wikipedia and © Copyright Jaggery for photo 2. The local train from Albrighton  to Wolverhampton was a diesel multiple unit where you could sit behind the driver, with only a glass partition between passenger and driver. Made journeys fun.


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