Surrey Heath’s council tax bands compared to nearby councils

Delving into council websites to find their council tax rates for 2017-18 is not something that any sane person would want to do. For some councils it’s fairly easy to find the details, for others it’s a new form of torture.

For Surrey Heath it was fairly painless, but then it should be, me having once been a councillor. Woking was trouble free, and I rather liked the ease of access and design of their website. Rushmoor was similarly trouble free to get the tax rates. Guildford was Ok’ish, though could’ve been easier. It was mind-numblingly difficult to find the council tax bands for Runnymede Borough Council, in fact I failed. For Bracknell Forest, and Windsor & Maidenhead all I could find was a band D council tax rate, and even then I wasn’t sure, so I can’t post it here.

Hope not to bore you here. The way to find out is the look at the council meetings calendar, then a full council meeting in February, plough through the pages of the meeting papers till you arrive at a section on council tax rates for the year ahead. There’s no consistency in presentation, or layout. Anyway here’s what I found [for Guildford I’m only showing a few of the parishes – amazingly there are 24 of them  – they’re all fairly similar tax rates].

  • Surrey Heath Borough Council


  • Woking Borough Council


  • Guildford Borough Council


  • Rushmoor Borough Council


One thought on “Surrey Heath’s council tax bands compared to nearby councils

  1. Am I missing something here, the table shown on 15th refers to £1762.42, and the link to Surrey Heath shows only Band D, but this figure doesn’t appear anywhere in the full table !!


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