Proposals for a garden village at Fairoaks Airport

The owners of Fairoaks Airport say that it is unprofitable, and independent assessors say it’s future is not sustainable.

fairoaks-garden-village-proposalNaturally, the recourse always seems to be to sell and convert into housing. One slight difference this time, the owners want to create a garden village. In this they have the support of local councils. Surrey Heath Borough Council has announced the garden village proposal in a press release, to which they have attached the two documents shown below [Click on image to expand]. I’ll follow up with details of the consultation,

Wednesday, 8 February, 2017: In 2016 Surrey Heath Borough Council submitted to the Homes and Communities Agency an Expression of Interest for a Garden Village bid at Fairoaks Airport. Previously this information was classed as ‘exempt’, ie not made public, as the landowners had not made their intentions for the site public.

As the landowners have now made their decision public, including holding a meeting with Chobham Parish Council, and the planned Community Planning Weekend for the public on 24 and 25 February, the Council is now able to publish the Expression of Interest and covering letter relating to the Garden Village submission.

One thought on “Proposals for a garden village at Fairoaks Airport

  1. Much of the land around Chobham is liable to severe flooding. I fear that building thousands of dwellings on the site will significantly reduce the capacity of the site and the surrounding land to be able to soak away rainwater. The drainage infrastructure cost and complexity must not be underestimated in this planning application. Indeed, I think it may be the best technical approach that anyone planning to object to the proposal, could pursue.


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