Virgin Media fibre broadband works in Lightwater suspended

I’ve learned the the work to install optical fibre broadband to homes in Lightwater has come to a halt. Rumour has it that the subcontractor digging the trenches, and laying the cables, hasn’t been paid, so has suspended their work. Annoying.


8 thoughts on “Virgin Media fibre broadband works in Lightwater suspended

  1. They should not been allowed in the first place,the standard of their work is hope less,I had so many compliments from Lightwater residents


  2. I wonder what the take up for this service is going to be? I have not spoken to one person in Lightwater (as yet) who are intending to sign up to Virgin.


  3. I would be interested to know where this has come from. The company doing the works have a wider framework with Virgin and are a reputable utilities contractor. It is very rare that companies of their size simply stop paying suppliers or sub-contractors without a valid reason.
    Conversely most construction contracts do not contain provision for companies to ‘stop work’ again without a valid reason – and typically non-payment is not a reason (without first recourse to a version of dispute resolution).
    I would hazard that there is another reason – either as a root cause or as a supplementary reason. Neither of which are an excuse as to why the village has been left in a state nor as to why we are not being kept informed.

    As for the take up, I have heard quite a few people express interest – and I am one – in at least learning what they have to offer. If nothing else it may push Sky into being a bit more flexible in their offerings. Having had Virgin previously before moving here and now Sky, my experience is that the overall Virgin package is much better than what Sky offer.


  4. This morning there are workmen filling and making good some trenches. I asked them about the suspension and they were unaware of it and pointed to other workmen still digging trenches. One resident told me that some BT cables had been cut and perhaps, that team were stopped?

    I think the future of TV is via internet download. I use Netflix, Amazon Prime and others for 90% of viewing these days. Dealing with Sky can be very challenging at times.


  5. 2 teams working diligently – or at least moving green screens around – in Ambleside around Noon ….

    @ Chris Hannis … if you think dealing with SKY can be challenging, try BT BroadBand / YouView TV support sometime !


  6. Another 2 weeks since the last comments, and nothing is happening anywhere, just green barriers and cable drums abandoned. And looking at where they have put the individual cable boxes, quite a few are by wall or gate pillars, so how they intend running the cable to the houses will be a challenge.

    By the way, I see Lightwater Road is now un-named, driving past there just a wooden board at the Guildford Road end and no sign of the name plate.


  7. Laying fibre a few inches below the pavement? These should be well below ground in conduit with other utilities. As soon as someone lays a new drive or utilities dig a hole the lot will be cut.


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