Surrey Police and Crime Panel raise their element of Council Tax by 1.99%

Here’s the Council Tax update from David Munro, Surrey Police & Crime Commissioner, provided by Jay Butcher (Surrey Police, InTheKnow.Community Administrator, Corp Comms). [Click on image to link to the site]

surrey-pcc-council-tax-updateIn November last year, I asked for the views of Surrey residents to help me decide on the policing element of the council tax for the next financial year.

Over 2,100 of you responded to our survey, voicing your views on a proposed increase which resulted in 65% supporting the increase and 28% disagreeing.

Your feedback proved extremely valuable and helped inform my proposal of a 1.99% rise which was approved by the Police and Crime Panel, at a meeting held on February 6.

This means, the policing element of the council tax for the next financial year (2017/18) has now been set at £224.57 for a Band D property, amounting to an extra £4.38 on last year’s figure, or 8p a week. This is due to come into effect from April.

I can assure you this decision was not taken lightly – asking the public for more money is never an easy option. I have a duty to ensure that taxpayers pay no more than what is absolutely necessary for an effective policing service. However, at the same time, I must ensure that Surrey Police has the available funds to maintain sufficient resources to keep you all safe.

Due to the changing nature of crime, this has meant that the policing environment is more complex than ever before and we must continue to train and equip our officers to meet these challenges.

I believe this rise will help put the Force in a stronger position to continue supporting the objectives of my Police and Crime Plan, pursuing offenders, protecting the vulnerable and preventing crime and disorder.

I know how much this county’s residents value a good policing service and setting the policing element of the council tax is one of my key responsibilities so I would like to thank you all for taking the time to complete the survey and help me make my the decision. I hope the outcome is one that we will all benefit from.

There are still areas to work on and the feedback we received during the consultation highlighted areas around police visibility and engagement which we have taken on board and will seek to work with Surrey Police to improve.

I finally want to assure the Surrey public that I will do all I can to ensure our communities are as safe as possible and continue to provide a police service that we can be proud of.

Thank you,

David Munro
Police and Crime Commissioner for Surrey

One thought on “Surrey Police and Crime Panel raise their element of Council Tax by 1.99%

  1. What exactly are we going to get for our increased council tax? Are we still paying for the failed Surrey Police IT project?


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