Visiting The Photographic Angle exhibition in Camberley

Earlier this week, I reported on the photographic exhibition in Camberley. Yesterday I visited the exhibition.

Expecting to see a room with photos on the wall, much as you would see in an art gallery, the actuality was different.

The Photographic Angle’s concept for their exhibitions is to utilise large empty spaces. What surprises is that the whole floor areas of an empty three storey office block in Watchmoor Park is used to house the exhibition. Again somewhat surprisingly, I worked in the opposite office block. An eerily odd feeling of going back to work, but in a building devoid of fittings, even some of the floor tiles were missing. Ah well nothing stays the same.

Continuing with the surprises is that the photographs aren’t small, they are presented on large screens. Intermingled with the photos are boards with inspiring quotations of famous photographers, and boards offering tips on taking photos. It’s a cleverly staged exhibition, inviting the visitor to pause and reflect on the values and purposes of photography.

Oh, one final thing – empty office blocks are penetratingly cold. It’s a wrap up warm type of exhibition + gloves.

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