Is there a memorial to Private John Whitehead who took part in the charge of the Light Brigade?

charge-of-the-light-brigadeThe lunchtime speaker at yesterday’s meeting of Camberley & District Probus Club was local historian Peter Franklin. Peter’s talk was about some of the people involved in the Crimean War [1853-56] and the famous charge of the Light Brigade.

Included in Peter’s talk was Private John Whitehead who fought in the charge of the Light Brigade, and is buried in St Michael’s churchyard in Camberley. Peter Franklin wondered if there’s a memorial to him anywhere in Camberley ? Does anyone know?

private-john-whiteheadThere’s background on Private John Whitehead in the book “Forgotten Heroes: the Charge of the Light Brigade”, and his medals were for sale. [Click on image to enlarge]

Peter’s talk are deeply researched, informative and entertaining. I last listened to one’s of his talks to Probus about WW1 Victoria Cross Memorials in The Royal Memorial Chapel Sandhurst.

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