Still time to take your count in the Big Garden Birdwatch

biggardenbirdwatchEach year, around this time of the year, the RSPB organise a count of the variety of birds that you see in an hour. Their Big Garden Birdwatch helps them build a picture of garden wildlife across the UK. The count takes place from 28th to the 30th January.

This year I took our count from 12.0 midday to 1.00 pm on Sunday 29th, and as a result counted more bird varieties than the count I took at dusk last year.

Bird bath full of water. Bird feeders topped up. Binoculars at the ready. Collins Bird Guide by my side, along with a cup of tea, and a hoped for good turnout from the visitors to out garden.

An early flurry of three types of bird, then nothing for 20 minutes. Feeling discouraged. Then another flurry of visitors. Hopes raised. Just before the hour was up Coal tits, and Greenfinches arrived. Disappointed that the regular flock of Long Tailed Tits failed to visit, nor the Great Spotted Woodpecker. A better result for us than last year.

Here’s our result,

  • Jackdaw – 2
  • Robin – 1
  • Wood Pigeon – 2
  • Blue Tit – 2
  • Starling – 2
  • Blackbird – 3
  • Dunnock – 1
  • Great Tit – 2
  • Coal Tit – 2
  • Greenfinch – 2

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