A Swan and Mallard ducks slither on the ice of Hammond’s Pond

Popping into the Windlesham Parish Council office in The Avenue in Lightwater I spied, in the distance, birds slithering around on the iced-over Hammond’s Pond.

After my Parish Office visit, on which more later, I toddled over to the pond. I was delighted to see a Mute Swan paddling in the water with no ice. A couple of young families joined me, and began feeding the ducks. The Swan then wandered over.

The Swan came very, very close to me. I told it that I hadn’t any food. Also, I noticed that it wasn’t ringed. Odd, as I thought that Swans were generally ringed.

I know one reader – Pippa – will be especially pleased to know we’ve a Swan on our pond. Pippa tells me that their cob [male] Swan on Tomlins Pond died, and his pen [female] has flown away. Pippa is trying to get Swans back on their pond, saying

I follow Swan Lifeline on Facebook and the Swan Sanctuary too – should your readers be interested. They can follow rescues and swan updates – interesting for me.

Here are my photos and a short video of the Swan.

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