A new walk didn’t last long – too jolly cold

Dog walkers, methinks, are more used to braving all weathers than me. Dogs need their exercise and to do their business.

Dog walkers were the only people I saw on Chobham Common yesterday. On parking in the Monument Car Park, I noticed there weren’t any dog do’s collection bins. Therefore, I decided to keep to the paths – not wanting to tread in the stuff.

Naturally, I walked up to The Victoria Monument, and studied it and it’s description board before heading off on a narrow track that ended near the railway line. I was secretly pleased that I couldn’t venture further in a straight line. Time to return to the warmth at home.

I will return there, as the walk affords splendid heathland views, and variety, as they say, is the spice of life. Here are my photos, which I know some of you like me to add.

2 thoughts on “A new walk didn’t last long – too jolly cold

  1. Tim – have you seen the ‘monument’ to the Troops 1853 exercises in nearby Chobham Place ? Just cross the Motorway Bridge after heading south from Chobham Common CP – turn right into Valley End after a few hundred yards and theres a CP on your left (was the original road from Chobham to Sunningdale, before the M3 re-aligned it) …

    The grove of old Beech & Chestnuts is a stunning avenue which originally lead to the old house (now refurbed) that you can see to the south – what a splendid route to one’s front door !

    Always wondered why its called ‘Queen Ann’s Walk’ tho … the dates are completely wrong !

    Some of the old Sweet Chestnut trees to the west are amazing – not sure how old they are, but judging from their girth & spread, they must also be approaching the early 1700’s ?


  2. Speedicus, I’m happy to follow in your footsteps. If it’s the one erected by Sir Edward Le Marchant, then yes. But it’s been many years since I went there. Time for a return visit – many thanks for the suggestion.


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