Funny how breaks continue to happen at the same place

It was a rotten rainy day yesterday. Even so, I ventured out, and in doing so found a failure in a road surface.

At the junction of Lightwater Road and Guildford Road, right by the mini-roundabout, the road is both subsiding and breaking up. Repair crews look ready to investigate. See my photo

This isn’t the first time there’s been a issue here. In 2014, after months of an increasing water leak at the mini-roundabout, the road was dug up and a water main was replaced. If memory serves me correctly, even this wasn’t the first issue at this spot, sadly I’ve no photo, so can’t be sure of the date.

Here are my photo’s of the 2014 road repair, and the 2017 road in need of repair. Funnily, the same is true of the water main break on the bridge over the M3 on the Maultway, last year’s major water main burst was preceded by a similar one one a couple of years earlier.

5 thoughts on “Funny how breaks continue to happen at the same place

  1. No investigation or digging done, looking this morning just a bodge bit of tarmac laid over the breakup area. Did we expect miracles?


  2. This has been happening nearly every year for the past 20 years. They only make a “fix” repair instead of having the whole road up and doing the job properly.


  3. They relaid that whole stretch down from Broadway Rd to a few metres short of the current issue – just goes to show how pitiful the planning and detailed analysis is !

    As said previously – “The only thing we learn from History is that we dont learn from History … “


  4. But Speedious you should know that would need joined up planning between Scc roads and the water board, obviously that will never happen.


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