Difficult choices face Surrey Wildlife Trust in funding shortfall

Scrub removal in Folly Bog

Once again, I’m informed by readers about a current issue – this time by Lightwater Retiree. Thank you.

The Guildford Dragon reports that Surrey Wildlife Trust [SWT], in seeking to address a funding shortfall, is looking to reduce staffing, as this statement by SWT in the Guildford Dragon states,

“In response to the reduction in Surrey County Council’s funding, SWT has been asked to find significant cost savings. The savings required can only be achieved through restructuring the countryside management team.”

“The proposal under consultation is to have six fewer roles. The final number of redundancies will depend on how many of the team want to apply for and are appointed to the new, different roles as well as other opportunities available within the Trust.”

Get Surrey report that all of the Surrey Wildlife Trust rangers are to be made redundant. Reading this Surrey Wildlife Trust working to be self-sufficient by 2021 as council reduce funding, in Get Surrey of January last year, describes the funding shortfall resulting from a new arrangement with Surrey County Council.

In the Trust’s 2016 annual report, it’s staffing, including a reduction of 4 through redundancy, is shown as 95,


If you’re keen to delve deeper into the arrangement between Surrey County Council and the Trust, it’s available to read HERE, just as the 2016 Annual Report of SWT.

I do find it curious that the report in Get Surrey is markedly more dramatic than that reported in the Guildford Dragon.

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