Surrey Heath awards grants to voluntary groups of almost £160,000 for 2016/17

Surrey Heath Borough Council announce grant funding for voluntary organisations for 2016/17.

surrey-heath-houseVoluntary organisations in Surrey Heath are to receive almost £160,000 of support in 2017/18 following a decision by Surrey Heath Borough Council this week.

On Tuesday 10 January, its Executive approved grants to community organisations and charities dedicated to helping people within the borough.

A total of £159,900 will go towards supporting groups including Citizens Advice Surrey Heath, Voluntary Support North Surrey, Surrey Heath Age Concern, and Basingstoke Canal Authority.

The grants have been allocated for the past 14 years, with the funding reviewed annually by the Council.

The other organisations awarded grants were Surrey Heath Arts Council, Surrey Heath Sports Council, Blackwater Valley Countryside Partnership, Camberley Central Job Club and Tringhams lunchtime club, West End.

Cllr Colin Dougan, Transformation Portfolio Holder for Surrey Heath, said: “Voluntary organisations within Surrey Heath do a tremendous job and are hugely valued.

“They continue to provide vital services – whether helping people on a day to day basis, or enriching the community through the arts, sport, or access to the natural environment. While the council has limited funding resources from which to give grants, we are committed to recognising their crucial work in Surrey Heath.”

The Revenue Grants awarded were:
Citizens Advice Surrey Heath: £80,000

Voluntary Support North Surrey: £30,000

Tringhams, West End: £13,000

Surrey Heath Age Concern: £10,000

Basingstoke Canal Authority: £10,000

Camberley Central Job Club £7,000

Blackwater Valley Countryside Partnership: £5,000

Surrey Heath Sports Council: £3,500

Surrey Heath Arts Council: £1,400

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