Lightwater Co-op tell me they’ve re-opended

Jolly nice of the Co-op to post an advertising flyer through our letter box, in which they tell me that ‘Your Lightwater Co-op has re-opened”.

Passing the Co-op this week I noticed workmen erecting a sign in the square. Promising myself to find out about the re-opening and the new sign I visited the store yesterday. Actually, I bought a bottle of their Medium Dry sherry, which is rather good, neither too dry, nor too sweet. Harvey’s Bristol Cream is too sweet for me, and Tio Pepe is much to dry for my taste. [I have written about sherry, and it’s varieties –SEE HERE].

Noticing Gill Price in the square, I walked over to her and asked about the re-opening, thinking I missed something. Well, they did have a day this year when water was pouring through the ceiling – burst pipe perhaps. No, said Gill, it was about the pre-Christmas closure, and she’d received her adverting flyer before Christmas.

Always necessary to ask questions to find out what’s happening. Anyway, I took a photo of the new sign.

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