Replacement for damaged London Road milestone ready for installation

I know this will please Lightwater Retiree, who recently bemoaned the lack of progess on the repair to the damaged milestone.

I’ve received a lovely New Year message from Surrey Heath Museum Curator, Gillian Barnes-Riding. She says the replacement for the damaged milestone on the London Road [A30] is ready for installation. Continuing, she said plans are being made to install the replacement, and a celebration of the event. I’ll let you know here, when I know.

If you want to know more about the damaged milestone, I recommend this front page article in the Camberley News – Historic Camberley milestone defaced, which reported on the mindless vandalism to the milestone. It’s simply amazing that this report was on May 12th 2015. Goes to show how long it takes to organise a replacement, and the funding for it.

The magnificent Gillian Barnes-Riding raised the funds for the replacement, variously from grants from Surrey Historic Buildings Trust, Surrey Heath Local History Club, The Milestone Society, and private donors – including yours truly.

Here are photos of the replacement in the museum, awaiting installation.


2 thoughts on “Replacement for damaged London Road milestone ready for installation

  1. What fantastic news, and well done to all the donors, including the best blog-writer in Surrey. Shame they couldn’t make the vandals pay though.


  2. It is good news ….. however, as always, a “but ….”

    …… would have preferred to see the old caligraphy used for the lower case names of Hartford Bridge & Bagshot !

    Not bad, but only eight out of ten for the simulacrum !


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