While taking down the Christmas decorations I resolve to keep sending Christmas cards

It seems to take longer to take down and pack away the Christmas decorations than it does to put them up.

outdoor-decorationsJob done – all decorations packed away till next Christmas. Collecting together all the Christmas cards we received was an opportunity to to look at them again, and marvel at how long we’d been sending cards to people we haven’t seen or spoken for decades, in some cases over 30 years.

Should we still be sending cards to friends of old? Hell yes. They’re wonderful connections to life gone by. There are a quite a few of our past colleagues – who’re also friends – whom we’ve promised each other to see in the year, and have notably failed. Even so, it’s good to remind each other than they’re in our thoughts at Christmas.

The sending of cards is on the wane, with some seeing the whole thing as pointless. Not so in our household. Dear wife recycles our cards, using decoupage materials to make individual cards. According to the Daily Telegraph this is on trend.

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