Superfast optical fibre broadband gets nearer

I’m sure you know that Lightwater is one of 10 areas chosen by by Virgin Media for optical fibre broadband connection to the home.

On my walks to through our village I see the Virgin Media works, and have talked to people in Lightwater Meadow, which seems to be the most advanced street for connection. I know we too will be getting connected. But when I’d like to know?

Here’s a photo of the connection box outside a house, and I’m sure I’ve spotted what I think is the new Virgin Media distribution box.

4 thoughts on “Superfast optical fibre broadband gets nearer

  1. I’d be interested to know how it gets brought into one’s premises ?

    Dont teally fancy my Paviour’ed driveway being unzipped to bring to to the front wall of the house – and what happens indoors ?


  2. As a LWM resident I dont share your enthusiasm for virgin media. The box stands out like a sore thumb and is an eyesore. The inconvenience, messy footpaths and mess left on road doesnt help. Also the hole they have left dug in Lightwater Road and barriers are a dangerous obstruction as they obscure sight of traffic when you are trying to turn out of LWM,!!


  3. Perhaps that is about the only good thing about the BT boxes, at least they are green and not as conspicuous. Agree with Speedicus about the concern about the fab block drives, that cost a fortune, and wouldn’t be put back down correctly by the sub-contractors. I guess the home entry would be a hole drilled through the wall, like sky do for their dish aerial cables.


  4. Thats a worry then – theres nowhere suitable downstairs for a Modem or Router at the front of the house … I would need it brought round the side, or better yet, up the wall & into my upstairs study ….. hmmmm


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