Accepting the challenge to discover more about the bowl barrows in Brentmoor Heath

My admiration is boundless to the vast, nay, I’d say, encyclopedic knowledge of the readers and commenters to this blog. Yet again Speeedicus triplicatum leads when he says in comment to THIS blog article,

I’ve never found much online about the 4 Barrows next to the Red Road …..

He continues to add this wonderful piece of history about the bowl barrow site,

… The [Surrey Wildlife Trust information board] by the barrows always makes me smile when it waxes lyrical about the ‘tool marks’ on a nearby Sarsen allegedly made by Bronze age masons … actually, the Stone was trundled down from the A322 Roundabout construction in the 1970s by a JCB with sharp teeth in its Bucket !

Couldn’t resist Speedicus’s implied challenge. After some time googling, here’s what I’ve discovered about the burial mounds,

  • The Chobham website has some information on burial mounds in our local area
  • The Makers of the Heath by Iain Wakeford has a cracking photo, though focus is on Woking, useful none the less
  • Surrey barrows 1934-1986: a reappraisal by Leslie Grinsell, who surveyed the barrows in 1932, is the authoritative source, though a somewhat dry academic description. [Note: Click on Accept to download the PDF file]. Oh, and his report says there are 12 such barrows in Surrey Heath. But where?  More work for me to do methinks.

Below are photos of [click to expand], of the barrows, the information board, the sarsen stone, an aerial photo from the 1930’s [my, how things have changed], and a contour survey 1930’s survey,

3 thoughts on “Accepting the challenge to discover more about the bowl barrows in Brentmoor Heath

  1. Great piece of research Tim and I like the photos !

    Yes, intriguing that reference to other barrows in Surrey Heath – one a few metres away of course, and at least one in Sunningdale – no idea where the others are !

    Posted some more ‘Smaug’ Pics yesterday on Twitter – but sadly WordPress Blog doesnt allow Pics in these responses !

    Keep up the good work Sir !


  2. I have just read that The Surrey Wildlife Trust has made all its rangers redundant. So presume there will be no more work on managing the scrub on our heathland.


  3. Well, thats a surprise, they redoubled their efforts last week on Brentmoor – virtually an Industrial scale exercise at one point with 3 tractors and 2 teams of chainsaws going !

    Only yesterday I chatted with Ben, the SWT Ranger for Brentmoor as he finished putting up Electric Fences for 12 goats due next week …

    So if SWT have no staff, who will SHBC & the MoD select to manage the Nature Reserve and heathland on Brentmoor ?


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