Following-up on a reader’s report on scrub clearance

A reader of this blog – one named Speedicus Triplicatum – commented on the report of scrub clearance adjacent to Folly Bog in Lightwater, saying,

……… over the last 2 weeks with the munching-scruncher Tractor attachment – it seems capable of flattening and reducing all but mature trees !

Witness the area opposite the Tumuli, and the total Desolation of Smaug on the southern slopes of Sandpit Hill !

Loved the thought of a scrunchy-munchy machine, and its ‘Desolation of Smaug’ work on Brentmoor Heath. So, yesterday, after the fog had lifted, I walked to the areas mentioned by Speedicus. Yes, there’s been a lot of scrub clearance, especially a large area on the slopes of Sandpit Hill.

Here’s the photo I took of the scrub clearance adjacent to the tumuli – quite atmospheric I thought. I’d love to see a touch more care and attention given to the four 3000-4000 year old bronze-age bowl barrows [tumuli]. Maybe I should volunteer as part of a working party. I’ll do some research on the barrows and will report back.


One thought on “Following-up on a reader’s report on scrub clearance

  1. Thanks Tim – excellent photo there !

    I’ve never found much online about the 4 Barrows next to the Red Road ….. altho such edifices are rare in the area (theres another purportedly close by where the track or ‘Gallop’ leaves the line of dwellings on New England Hill) …. and I believe theres one in Sunningdale.

    I assume they have been ‘dug’ at some time … they appear on an ariel photo pre-WW2, which used to be on display next to them – but sadly there was a copyright issue which prevented the photo being used on the current SWT Notice Board. (The current Notice always makes me smile when it waxes lyrical about the ‘tool marks’ on a nearby Sarsen allegedly made by Bronze age masons … actually, the Stone was trundled down from the A322 Rounabout construction in the 1970s by a JCB with sharp teeth in its Bucket !

    The Ditch around the Tumuli is also 1970 vintage – to stop Army exercises from flattening them !

    Apparently these multiple Bowls/Barrows were typically built on the skyline – hard to see now that the area is quite densely wooded … but looking at the contour lines they are indeed at the top of a slope … in fact theres a horshoe shaped ridgeline with the ends forming the brow of Cuckoo Hill and the other Barrow mentioned earlier – maybe a processional route past the prominent Tumuli, leading to other burials at each end of the Horseshoe ….?


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