View over Folly Bog restored after scrub removal

Wow, I hadn’t expected the scrub and gorse removal [as promised by Ben Habgood, Surrey Wildlife Trust ranger] alongside the track by Folly Bog to be done around the Christmas period.

On a short constitutional walk yesterday I came by the area cleared of scrub. A huge and worthwhile improvement. The view over Folly Bog is restored. No longer a walk through a corridor of encroaching gorse, alder, willow, and grasses blocking the view over the bog. I’ve evidence that this was last done in 2010. Amazing how fast nature can take over.

Here’s my photo of 2010 showing the machinery, then two on my walk yesterday.

2 thoughts on “View over Folly Bog restored after scrub removal

  1. Yes, very active over the last 2 weeks with the munching-scruncher Tractor attachment – it seems capable of flattening and reducing all but mature trees !

    Witness the area opposite the Tumuli, and the total Desolation of Smaug on the southern slopes of Sandpit Hill !

    Gone are the tunnels thru the Gorse connecting s/cuts to the main track up the hill and into the deep bowl of the overgrown sandpit adjacent to the Wynter-Bee track ….

    Guess its necessary to keep the scrub under control, but its gonna look sad for a few months !


  2. Speedicus, I love the title of the scruncher-muncher machine. Will visit the tumuli and the wonderfully described ‘Desolation of Smaug’


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