Revealed – the review process to alter the part-night time street lighting

sh_lacYours truly bravely attended the Surrey Heath Local Area Committee yesterday evening. Bravely in terms of sitting through a local government committee. I wrote to the committee officer to ask how residents may request a review of the County Council’s part-night time lighting programme, citing Lightwater Road as an example. This review process was not apparent on the County Council’s website on the topic when I wrote. What follows is taken directly from the agenda.

Q3.  Written question from Tim Dodds, Lightwater Resident 

In the County Council’s schedule of part night lighting, the busy main roads  are understandably excluded. Guildford Road and Red Road in Lightwater are roads sensibly remaining lit, while the road that connects them – Lightwater Road is in the part night lighting schedule.

The question: What provision has been made for the County Council to consider changes suggested by the public to this schedule, and what is the process by which this road can be considered for removal from the part-night lighting schedule, and finally what is your view of lighting Lightwater Road?

A3.  Response from Chairman on behalf of the Committee:

The council has developed a process which will allow residents to request a review of the decision to include or exclude lights from the Part Night Lighting programme.

To request a review of the decision, please complete the review request form which can be downloaded on our website and return it to us either via email or post.

Residents making an application to review a decision on part-night lighting will be asked to gain support from other householders providing verifiable information. A majority of households will be required to support the review of the decision – however this in itself will not mean the decision will be reversed. As the decision has been made based on the Avoidance Criteria, any review will take into account the additional information provided against the published policy.

In the vast majority of cases, the Council is unlikely to overturn the decision for a specific road unless new information is presented.  For example:

  • Something that was not identified during the site visit and risk assessment process.
  • A change – an increase in crime or road safety that might be reduced if street lighting was reintroduced between midnight and 5.0am.
  • A high proportion of households whose occupants are likely to be leaving or returning to their home (or place of work) during the times when street lights are switched off.

With reference to Lightwater Road, the Council intends to keep the lights at the junctions with Red Road and Guildford Road ON all night. None of the ‘avoidance criteria’ (see link below) were present along this road and the side roads will be included in the Part Night Lighting programme. It is therefore intended to include the remaining lights along Lightwater Road in the Part Night Lighting programme. More information can be found on our website:

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