Counting names on a petition, and getting different totals each time

This is a follow-up to the previous article on the Surrey Heath Local Area Committee meeting next week.

pavement-parkingI’ll be attending, along with Cllr Surinder Gandhum, to present a petition from Lightwater residents and visitors that Lightwater needs improved arrangements for parking cars. I’ve counted the names on the petition three times, and each resulting total is different – should say not counted them individually three times, but the page count three times.

Annoyingly the highest count was three short of 1500 names. Think I may have double counted, so I’m settling for 1461. Still, that’s a goodly number of people concerned about parking.

I’m also asking a question about part-time street lighting. I’m not against the principle, just want to know what the procedure is for asking for street lights to remain on. Here’s my written question, about which I’m expecting an answer,

In the County Council’s schedule of part night lighting, the busy main roads are understandably excluded. Guildford Road and Red Road in Lightwater are roads sensibly remaining lit, while the road that connects them – Lightwater Road is in the part night lighting schedule.

What provision has been made for the County Council to consider changes suggested by the public to this schedule, and what is the process by which this road can be considered for removal from the part-night lighting schedule, and finally what is your view of lighting Lightwater Road?

3 thoughts on “Counting names on a petition, and getting different totals each time

  1. Where was this petition published Tim ? I would have been happy to sign – which I did for the other Peitition raised by a local Cllr lady – online….


  2. It was a paper petition available to sign in Lightwater Post Office. Our postmaster has been pushing this topic for many years. He even had someone draw up some plans, which were available to view in the Post Office.


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