Agenda published for Surrey Heath Local Area Committee

surrey-heath-lacA most unexciting headline you might think, and I agree with you. [Click on image to expand to find meeting details].

That’s not the case. There are some big issues for discussion and agreement like,

That’s just a few of the village issues. There’s also the A30 and Meadows Roundabout scheme consultation, and lot’s more. So, do take a look at the AGENDA. There are some real corkers there.

9 thoughts on “Agenda published for Surrey Heath Local Area Committee

  1. Its a pity that there is very little or no enforcement on the current no parking lines. Even when spaces are available some people park where they please, causing obstruction and danger to other road users. Its only a matter of time before there is a bad accident if there hasn’t already been one!! This also applies to outside the care home in Lightwater road where visitors and/or staff park on the bend of the main road.


  2. I read that SCC have overspent quite dramatically (£15m) this year, which will have an impact on road maintenance etc, and even worse, the amount we will have to pay in our Surrey Heath council taxes. As ever they are bound to go up by more %age than the cost-of-living and pension increases, This also applies to the police precept, which also increases annually despite the lack of local policemen and closing of police stations.


  3. I expect that some enterprising souls in Macdonald Rd will be renting out their driveways at a £1 a pop !

    Was pleased to see tho, that there will be no parking at the beginning of Broadway Rd, have had a few squeks there of late !

    So, with parking continually being reduced – where next for local shoppers ?

    I know, lets have a Petition ……


  4. Have you read the cost of the cycle lane by the A331, £1.2m and they have no idea of how many cyclists might use it from a 22yr old plan. They have put a safety armco barrier by the road, but only part way along, wonder who decided which part didn’t need it ? another council cock-up.
    They can waste money on this, but they can’t properly sort out Macdonald Rd road surfaces that are breaking up.


  5. Sigh, yes – tell me about it … it really is a nonsense that they’ve caused all that traffic delay for an unknown # of cyclists … who incidentally are bloody dangerous on todays roads – try negotiating the Red Road on a Sunday !

    Yes, £1.2M for that – but no relief in site for Lightwater – whether it be Parking, Red Road safety ….. GRRRR !


  6. The Red Road is relatively empty of cyclists, try the A25 and side roads near Shere/Abinger in the Surrey Hills, they are full of convoys of those “mamils”


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