Collingwood College Year 7 students are Star Citizens

This week Surrey Heath Borough Council announced the result of the Star Citizen course organised and funded by the Safer Surrey Heath Partnership and the Surrey Heath Learning Partnership.

Year 7 students from across Surrey Heath learned how to ‘Think Safe’ and deal with real-life situations by taking part in a Young Citizen scheme last week.

mayor-and-young-citizen-partner-organisationsWith the tagline “Be Streetwise, Be a Star Citizen” the scheme aims to help young people broaden their social responsibility skills and lead safe, healthy lives.

Through a range of interactive sessions, students explored themes such as first aid, road and fire safety, alcohol awareness, personal safety and peer pressure, as well as internet safety and reporting crime anonymously.

Over 450 students from Kings International College and Collingwood College were involved in the practical sessions delivered by qualified professionals over three days.

Among those hosting the workshops were: Surrey Fire and Rescue Service, St John Ambulance and Surrey Police and Crimestoppers’ youth service, Fearless.

In addition, students watched a play by the Solomon Theatre Company entitled ‘Last Orders’, acted out by young people to highlight issues around alcohol abuse, peer pressure and its consequences.

Each day-long scheme was wrapped up with an interactive question and answer session, where pupils posed questions to the panel of experts from each agency.

On Thursday, a VIP day saw special guest the Mayor of Surrey Heath Cllr John Winterton visit Collingwood College to view the scheme in action and present certificates to the schools taking part.

The Mayor commented: “Young Citizen is a fantastic interactive way of giving young people the knowledge and skills to lead safe and healthy lives, and to understand how their behaviours can impact on others. I’m sure the hundreds of students involved this year have benefitted immensely from this experience. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all those agencies involved for their continued support.”

Collingwood College pupils gave the Young Citizen course the thumbs up too.

Erin Patman, 11, said: “I have definitely enjoyed it. The safe driving exercise was the best.”

Jake Pang, 11, added: “I really enjoyed the practical First Aid sessions, they were very interesting and useful,” while Nula Brown-Smith, 11, said: “I liked the play, as it was a visual thing it helped you to understand it all.”

The scheme is organised and funded by the Safer Surrey Heath Partnership and the Surrey Heath Learning Partnership.

More information can found at

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