Confidence in London undiminished, 38, 62, 73 storey city skyscrapers coming

Readers here will know of my love of skyscraper building in London. It’s been a regular feature since I uncovered a pessimistic BBC article a few years ago on the future of the London skyline.

In my article on this topic in July this year I listed the London and City skyscrapers planned, approved and being built, I’ll not repeat that. In this update on new skyscrapers in the City of London, I simply want to point out that these three new City skyscrapers are surely a testament to the demand for space. The Shard is fully occupied, and that’s not even in the Square Mile. Here are the three

  • 22 Bishopsgate, with 62 storeys and 278m tall.  Now under construction. A somewhat stuttering start after the failure of the Pinnacle building project on the site.
  • The Scalpel, with 38 storeys and 190m tall. Under construction and due for completion in 2017, and eight floor already let. Unusually the building’s sobriquet is retained as the name of the building.
  • 1 Undershaft – referred to as the Trellis, is a recently approved 73 storey skyscraper, and will be the highest in the Square Mile. Just five metres shorter than the Shard. It is reported that it will be home to an estimated 10,000 workers.

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